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At Global eventSource we have worked for and still work with some of the most dynamic events companies in the business.

What that means is we have developed our own ideas of what is good, what is bad and what is downright ugly when delivering conferences to the market. We’ve acted like a sponge for best practice and best customer experience and are now delivering that to the market through our boutique customer centric ‘experiences’. We purposely don’t take outsource work from companies whose events fall into our core sectors of expertise.

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28th November 2018
Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Singapore

The aim of the event is to give project owners, architects, design consultants, engineers, suppliers and the whole construction eco-system the latest insights into what is possible with both technologies and design to bring their future projects to life. Different companies, even different departments, are at different stages on their digital transformation journey. How can some adopt a digital model within their business from scratch? How can some enhance what they have and ensure a seamless transition through the phases. Some companies need to know how automation, robotics and artificial intelligence will impact their manpower and profit projections moving forward. Others will want to understand how design automation, machine learning and IoT will lead to a more efficient and safe worksite while ensuring timely project delivery. Others might just be looking for one piece of kit that will make their processes more efficient. So many possibilities, many options, come learn from the best.

Come be a part of the discussion on how global best practice and innovation can enhance your projects and overcome design, engineering and efficiency challenges. Through global and regional case studies and expertise – find out the latest insights into how innovation can help you maximise the technology, tools and processes now available to power change and revolutionise the future of the built environment.

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